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      Design Concept - Beauty of Metropolis

      The “Beauty of Metropolis” concept was gained by the BAIC Motor design team from their understandings on “Zhi Qi Shang Xiang”, a traditional Chinese creation thought, which means necessary reference to an article’s nature when creating it. Based on the western modern design concept and integrating the idea of “Zhi Qi Shang Xiang”, the essence of the traditional creation thought of the country, the team formed the design concept of “Beauty of Metropolis” that contains traditional Chinese cultural elements.

      “Zhi Qi Shang Xiang”, out of an expression from The Book of Changes - “People who create articles shall refer to and be inspired by their natures and essences”, refers to that the ancient Chinese people, through their observations to all creatures in heaven and on earth, use concrete images, perceived imagery and comprehension of Dao, to make articles and tools, to reform nature and to create life.

      BAIC Motor boasts a profound cultural heritage by being rooted in Beijing, the millennium ancient capital city of the country, which gives inspiration to the BAIC Motor design team to fully play this unique advantage. Based on investigations and studies on the histories, geographies, humanities, ancient architectures, urban styles and other aspects of Beijing - the ancient capital city for six dynasties in China, Paris - the Center of European Enlightenment and New York - the typical international metropolis, the team formed their design perception and then induced the style and design concept of “Beauty of Metropolis” for the BAIC Motor 2.0 era cars.


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