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  • Crossover for Win-Win | BAIC Motor and Baidu Signed Intelligent Car Strategic Cooperation

    Date: 21 January 2017     

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    BAIC Motor Corporation., Ltd (BAIC Motor ) and Baidu Intelligent Vehicle jointly announced that a  comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in intelligent car filed had been reached by two sides and they would work together to promote the automotive intelligent upgrade for future during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the United States on 6 January 2017 local time.


    Look Far Ahead and Aim High, Future Can Be Expected

    Future of Intelligent Car Industry Worth of Much Expectation


    Mr Zhang Xiyong, General Manager of BAIC Group remarked during the news conference that "The future development trend of the automotive industry should be the deep integration and collaborative innovation between traditional car enterprises and internet companies. The strategic cooperation between BAIC Motor and Baidu Intelligent Vehicle will promote the technology upgrade in the intelligent fields for both sides and will set an example for the future development of the intelligent car industry".



    Addressed by Zhang Xiyong, General Manager of BAIC Group


    Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu mentioned that "BAIC Motor is one of the most active automotive companies that are committed in boosting the intelligent upgrade and will be a very good example for the global automotive intelligent upgrade. Intelligent upgrade for automotive industry is a major project, not only requiring involvement from powerful car manufacturers, but also asking for deep participation from internet companies".


    Addressed by Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu


    Strong Together, Win Together

    Drive Test Expected to Run for BAIC Motor L3-Level Autonomous Car by Year-end


    As per the agreement signed by BAIC Motor and Baidu Intelligent Vehicle this time, two sides will establish a close and win-win strategic cooperation partnership in the fields of intelligent car, Internet of vehicles (IOV), L3-Level intelligent driving, high-precision map and vehicle map, joint brand operation and in other emerging areas, aiming to achieve technology development, market applications, resource and information sharing, optimization and co-development in the said cooperation fields. 


    The cooperation mainly included following aspects: deep cooperation on high-precision map, solutions application for intelligent car based on Baidu CarLife, MyCar and CoDrive, deep collaboration based on L3-Level intelligent driving technology, establishment of joint laboratory, brand and product marketing, and cloud platform and big data technology, etc.


    Li Feng, President of BAIC Motor and Zhang Yaqin, President of Baidu signed the strategic cooperation agreement


    According to the bilateral strategic cooperation, BAIC Motor and Baidu Intelligent Vehicle will carry out cooperation on L3-Level auto-driving technology and high-precision map to promote the IOV solutions for mass-produced cars of BAIC Motor, and will deeply combine with the data from BAIC Motor for full application of car big data. It was also stated that both sides, in 2017, would cooperate to launch car models equipped with IOV solutions and would run drive test for L3-Level auto-driving cars by the year-end.


    Foresighted Mind and Clear Strategy

    BAIC Motor First Announce "NOVA-PLS" Intelligent Car Development Strategy


    Beijing Motor also announced its intelligent car development strategy named as "NOVA-PLS" for the first time during the 2017 CES, which was another and higher excitement. The strategy aims to promote the company to lead the industry in the Three-in-One all-round intelligent strategy system that composes of the NOVA-Pilot intelligent driving, the NOVA-Link smart network and the NOVA-Space intelligent cockpit. 


    Plan Business Strategically, Form Pattern Naturally

    Strong Research Strength Makes BAIC Motor’s "Intelligent" Strategy Invincible


    As one of the best independent R&D companies in the domestic market, BAIC Motor will effectively promote the developing process of auto-driving technology research with its highly-experienced R&D team and engineering staff, and will realize the perfect change "from a traditional car manufacturer to a service provider for travel solutions" by the guidance of "NOVA-PLS" strategy.


    With the intelligent upgrade having become an inevitable trend for the future automotive industry development, BAIC Motor, when exploring its transformation and upgrade from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a manufacturing-service and innovative enterprise, has set the "Intelligent" strategy as one of its main lines. The strategic cooperation agreement released by BAIC Motor and Baidu during the 2017 CES shows the deep integration between traditional manufacturing industry and emerging internet industry. Both sides will play their respective advantages to minimize the development cycle for auto-driving cars and to jointly promote intelligent driving progress for fresh-new travel experiences for people in the future.


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