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      In 2016, BAIC Group jumped to the 160th?place in the "Global Fortune 500" ranking. BAIC Motor Sales Co., Ltd, the wholly-owned subsidiary of BAIC Motor, is responsible for the sales business for complete vehicles of BAIC Motor self-owned brands and its business scope covers marketing, sales, service and other fields for three categories of products - sedans, SUVs and off-road vehicles. BAIC Motor Sales Co., Ltd was founded on 1 November 2012 and now, after adjusting product structure, is bearing marketing, sales and other businesses of BAIC SENOVA and BJ Brand.


      In 2009, BAIC Group purchased the core intellectual property rights of SAAB successfully, which, for a time, changed the passive "Market for Technology" situation in China and also practiced a new technology developing direction. BAIC SENOVA, a new middle-end and high-end sedan brand, was built up based on the acquisition of SAAB technology and now becomes an important pillar of self-owned brands of BAIC Motor and a significant implementer of the company’s marketing strategy as well.


      From the first A0-Class E-Series car launched in 2012, to the first A-Class D50 car in 2015, BAIC SENOVA, has been sticking to the “For Better Technology, Performance and Safety” concept to continuously enrich its product pedigrees and has realized the perfect coverage from the A0-Class to A-Class, from urban SUV to off-road SUV. In 2016, BAIC Motor totally focused its self-owned brands on the "SUV Strategy" for full satisfaction to consumers’ personalized demands. Among the BAIC SENOVA products, the “SENOVA Double Stars” composing of SENOVA X25 and SENOVA X35 became the new Online Celebrity in the SUV sector. With off-road vehicles being the "Killer" for differentiation competition, the BJ Brand also formed the product layout for BJ20, BJ40, BJ40L and BJ80 cars. Meanwhile, the distribution network of BAIC SENOVA got rapid growth and its distributors amounted to 1898 by the end of February 2017.


      224,500 BAIC SENOVA cars were sold in 2016, realizing a 87 per cent year-on-year growth. It took only five years for BAIC SENOVA to reach the annual sales of 200,000 cars, making it one of the Chinese brands that achieved the 200,000 annual sales in shortest time period. As the key force of BAIC Motor self-owned brands, BAIC SENOVA, with the unprecedented pushing speed in the industry, proved a major contributor in achieving the objective of 1 million cars of self-owned brands for the company. Besides, since 2016 BAIC SENOVA and BJ Brand have won more than 70 heavyweight awards including "Small SUV of the Year", "Chinese Automobile Brand of the Year" and etc , of which the excellent product strength was highly and constantly praised by media and consumers.


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